Disabled children

A great way to support this event is to enter a Dragon Boat Team - Saturday 3 September 2016

A dragon boat looks like an oversized canoe with an ornately carved dragons head at the front and a tail at the rear. A drum is positioned at the front on which the drummer furiously bangs a rhythm to keep the rest of the crew in time.

A helms person (provided by Dragons Alive) steers the boat from the rear and helps to co-ordinate the team's efforts so that they are all paddling at the same speed.

We will race over 200 - 300 metres.

Dragon Boats accommodate teams of 10 paddlers, 1 drummer and a helm (the minimum number in a boat is 6 paddlers, and 1 drummer). The helm will be provided by Dragons Alive. We suggest you recruit crews of up to 13 for your team, although a maximum of only 11 crew members will race in the boat at one time, there will be plenty of opportunity to rotate the crew members during the regatta

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For more information email Carolyn at: dragons@regattaforthedisabled.org