Disabled children


All our most common questions about Regatta for the disabled, if you cannot find your answer here, contact Lucy by email: info@regattaforthedisabled.org

Disabled children

Who is the Regatta for the Disabled for? Regatta for the Disabled is for everyone regardless of their age or ability. Young children and those less able to row will be taken out on the water in the exclusive adapted river cruiser Rivertime, provided by the charity Rivertime Boat Trust. (see www.rivertimeboattrust.org.uk for all the information you need).

Two Open Launches will be provided by Hobbs of Henley for walk on passengers.

Regatta for the Disabled is also for local people and organisations who will form teams of 10 to put on races in brightly coloured bell boats.

I've never been on the water before. Can I join in? Of course you can! This event is perfect for you as it is guaranteed to be fun, safe, enjoyable and we will give you all the help and guidance you need to make your first water adventure a memorable one.

Do I have an allocated time to go on the water? Yes. Please book your session at the ‘Trip Boat’ tent early on the day of the event so as not to disappoint.

How long will I get on the water? That depends on the type of boat you are sailing in and the amount of people we have visiting on the day. We estimate that each water experience will last approximately 20 minutes.

Can I bring friends and family? Please do! The event is for the whole community and we look forward to welcoming you all.

What things will there be to do on the land? We have partnered with local organisations like sports association SportsAble to put on interactive displays with our visitors.

For the children there will be a Punch and Judy show, Millers Ark animals, Climbing wall capable of taking a wheelchair, face painting, side stalls and more.

We will be selling refreshments and food.The day will have a fun, festive feel to it and you will have a superb day out, both on the water and in the paddock of Phyllis Court Club.

How much are the tickets? Entry is £5 per person, carers enter for free. Purchase tickets at the gate on the day or in advance from info@regattaforthedisabled.org. Parking is free and there will be reserved spaces for blue badge holders.

What happens if the weather is bad? We have to listen to the weather reports and watch out for warning signs on the river to see if the water levels are okay on the day. In the event of torrential rain or rapid moving water the event will be cancelled.

Are assistive dogs allowed there on the day?
Yes, of course.

What will happen to my wheelchair whilst I'm in the water? Marshalls will safely move the wheelchairs and assistive devices out of the way and return them to you when you have finished your boat ride.

How did the event come about? Three local charities who are keen on giving disabled people opportunities that they wouldn't normally get elsewhere got together to discuss an event in the picturesque town of Henley. All three wanted to see more opportunities for disabled people to experience fun and on the water.

The charities are:

  • Rivertime Boat Trust: www.rivertimeboattrust.org.uk
  • Rivertime Boat Trust runs an adapted river cruiser which takes disabled people and their carers out on the Thames.
  • Phyllis Court Club soon heard about the idea of a boating event and wanted to lend a hand.

Who is in charge of the event? Regatta for the Disabled is a volunteer-run charity. The board of Trustees are: Simon Davis, Ian Tritton, Lucy Walton and Steve Morton.

The Patrons are:
World Champion and Paralympic rower Helene Raynsford
Actor David Suchet OBE
Chairman of Phyllis Court Club