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About Us

Regatta for the Disabled is a non-profit organisation promoting inclusivity and empowerment. The Regatta allows people of all abilities to experience the joys of boating while breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of community. We aim to create a more accessible and inclusive world where everyone can thrive and enjoy the freedom of the open water.

Our Patrons are:

  • World Champion and Paralympic rower Helene Raynsford
  • Actor David Suchet OBE
  • Chairman of Phyllis Court Club

The Board of Trustees are Ian Tritton, Lucy Bowley and Steve Morton

Our partner charities are:

Become a Sponsor

If you are interested in sponsoring or supporting Regatta for the Disabled Henley, please contact Gordon at for an Information Pack.

Our Sponsors

We are proud to be supported by local companies that make our vision possible, including.

Without them, we couldn’t run this event. Thank You