Bell Boating

A great way to support this event is to enter a Bell Boat Team 

Bell Boating is a big part of the Regatta for Disabled each year and gives the opportunities for schools, charities and organisations to come together to have fun on the water and race against each other.

Bell Boats are like two Canadian canoes linked together with a centre platform, making them very stable catamarans.

No experience is necessary as there will be a full briefing on the day of how to paddle and handle a Bell Boat.

We will race over 200 – 300 metres.

Bell Boats accommodate teams of 8 paddlers and a helm. We suggest you recruit crews of up to 13 for your team. Although a maximum of only eight crew members will race in the boat at one time, there will be plenty of opportunity to rotate the crew members during the regatta.

To maintain fairness on the water, crews should, where possible, include at least two members with disabilities. 

Deadlines for entries is 1 August 2024


For more information, email bellboating@regattaforthedisabled.org

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